Photos of our larger rugs in various uses.
Prices range from $22/sq ft to $32/sq ft depending on size and intricacy of design.
Please call us for a quote.

5' x 26' b/w tile, crab runner12' x 12' giraffe w/ faux linen  runner framed around island8' x 8' sq rug, with hedgehogs, plaid border to match curtainsfaux slate and brick, wall to wall installed12' x 20' beige/white tile with compass rose5' x 7' lemon tree, green/black check border3' x 4' frog on lillipad, to match wall color4' x 6' mexican tile theme2' x 6' faux leopard/zebra runner6' x 25' bl/wh tile with vine border and cow logo5' x 7' black/beige tile with swan border6' x 8' black/white tile with sunflowers8' x 12' magnolia with harlequin border4' x 10' floral to match wallpaper (faux fringe)4' x 4' nautilus8' zebra, blue border (on vinyl)2' x 3' topiary on striped background (to match wallpaper)2 1/2 x 3 1/2 "no mud" 3' x 4' giraffe6' cheeta (on vinyl)lemon tree, b/w check border6' x 6' stylized pattern on brown b/g